XpressGas: Story, Founders, Investors & Funding Rounds

XpressGas Ghana Limited is a Ghanaian-owned Gas Company that began operations in 2010 to provide cleaner and environmentally friendly Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to households and commercial entities across Ghana. 

XpressGas is the largest distributor of LPG in Ghana and has over the past seven years, distributed over 97000MT of LPG to Ghanaian households, institutions, and commercial sectors. 

XpressGas is licensed by the National Petroleum Authority and currently serves over 52583 households and 87 vendors in Ghana. 

XpressGas aims to make LPG available, accessible, and affordable to all Ghanaians wherever they are (urban, peri-urban, and remote locations and markets) reaching one million households.

Additionally, their tagline ‘Gas For All, Wherever You Are’ epitomizes XpressGas’ vision of bridging the gap between homes/businesses and ready access to clean gas. 

They demonstrate this with their presence in all ten regions of Ghana to deliver to both urban and underserved (rural) communities, gas – a better alternative to the wood fuel they use.

At XpressGas, they are driven by passion and the commitment to provide their customers with the best of service. 

The entire value chain of their service offerings has not only created jobs, and ensured economic empowerment but is also contributing to a cleaner environment and climate.

They also organize staff development programs to ensure maximum efficiency and satisfaction. 

All customers have a dedicated Relationship officer to enhance communication and provide timely services to customers’ requests.

They pride themselves in their dedicated workforce – to ensure convenient access to their products and services. 

XpressGas goes the extra mile to deploy marketing strategies that enhance the business outlook of all their stations and the other XpressGas-managed (sponsored) stations. 

They as well undertake a full audit of their transactions to generate insights into their business performance (profit and loss). 

Over 75% of Ghana’s household population still relies on charcoal and kerosene as their primary sources of cooking fuel.

 With 94% of customers first-time LPG users, XpressGas has a direct positive impact on the air quality of its clients, reducing CO2 emissions, averting deforestation, and reducing black carbon emissions, with considerable environmental and health benefits.

The company’s ambitions are fully aligned with Ghana’s government’s stated target to increase the usage of LPG as cooking fuel by 50% in 2030 and to raise awareness on environmental, health, and safety matters.

How it Works

Swap & Go ( Door to Door)

“Swap N Go ” is a last-mile distribution and asset financing service business unit of XpressGas. 

This business unit aims to make LPG available, affordable, and accessible to all households and commercial kitchens throughout Ghana. 

 Swap N Go offers consumers a range of LPG appliances ranging from 3 kg to 52kg cylinders. 

It also provides stove solutions on a 6-12 month “Pay and Own” basis for users of traditional fuel, thereby promoting a cleaner environment.

Autogas Solutions

XpressGas also offers Auto Gas services at all their refilling plants across the country.

They check the gas cylinders to make sure they are in good shape, offer maintenance advice to vehicle owners, and educate clients on the benefits of using LPG to fuel vehicles and its effects on the environment.

LPG Logistics and Trucking services

XpressGas provides bulk haulage and transportation services for Oil Marketing Companies (OMC), LPG marketing companies, Allied Mini Stations, Institutions, and Commercial consumers. 

They also make available their gas tankers for rent. XpressGas trucks are GPS enabled hence, allows the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) to monitor product delivery and ensure the product reaches its destination.

Bulk Marketing & Distribution

XpressGas markets and distributes bulk LPG to Mini-Refilling plants & Bulk Consumers such as Industries, Public Institutions, and Commercial consumers from 5 metric tons and above.

The management contract for Refilling Stations

They also offer a management contract agreement, a service that allows them to acquire new businesses, such as Gas Service Stations, and grow them on your behalf.

Routine Maintenance and Repairs Solution

XpressGas regularly undertakes maintenance and safety drills at all their sponsored refilling points. Their emergency number is reliable at any time of the day; 24/7. 


Kofi Nketsia-Tabiri

Kofi Nketsia-Tabiri

XpressGas was launched in 2009 by Kofi Nketsia-Tabiri and has advanced to the ranks of the top LPG companies in Ghana in just 8 years.

Specialties: SME finance, Business Development and Strategy, Pipeline Development and Origination, Investment Due Diligence, Valuation, Structuring, Portfolio Mentoring, and Management.

Modern and Clean Energy Strategy,policy, and Investments, Sector in Sub-saharan Africa.

Investors & Funding Rounds

B.I.O., Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P)

On I&P’s side, the investment is led by I&P Afrique Entrepreneurs II, a fund that invests in equity and quasi-equity as a minority shareholder in small and medium-sized businesses located in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

The LPG industry in Ghana is currently at a transition point in terms of regulation. 

They have partnered with a stand-out entrepreneur who has positioned XpressGas to reflect what this pivotal moment demands: innovation, greater accessibility, and higher safety standards.

With the funds, XpressGas is committed to increasing the market penetration of LPG as cooking fuel and contributing to a reduction of deforestation – caused by the use of wood and charcoal as cooking fuels – as well as a reduction in the negative health effects caused by the associated smoke production.

Main Competitors

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MDS Energy Development: It is an exploration and production company with a focus on harvesting clean-burning and domestic natural gas.

Electra: This is decarbonizing ironmaking for green steel production using intermittent renewable energy and low-grade iron ores.


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