Klasha: Story, Founders, Investors & Funding Rounds

Klasha is a technology company that builds cross-border commerce solutions for Africa. 

Klasha Business allows international merchants to accept payments from Africa using African money methods and currencies with payouts in hard currencies. 

B2B African merchants can also send money cross-border to different parts of the world in G20 and hard currencies. 

Klasha Personal allows consumers in Africa to shop and spend cross-border internationally through an app using African money methods and currencies.

Their vision is for African consumers to have the same frictionless access to the goods they want, regardless of their geographic location, by transacting using African currencies and money methods.

Klasha is dedicated to assisting merchants from across the world in selling online to African customers and receiving payments in local African currencies, all while providing super-fast last-mile delivery to African customers.

Merchants outside of Africa can use its Klasa Checkout software to accept payments from Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, and Kenya.

The company’s merchant additions are up 20% month over month, and transaction volume is up 17.5 percent.

Klasha has built plugin integrations for WooCommerce, OpenCart, and BigCommerce. Its integration library is rapidly growing to accommodate even more platforms, including Wix, Ecwid, Magneto, and Commerce Cloud. And with an official partnership with BigCommerce, the Klasha Checkout will reach thousands of e-commerce stores globally, enabling them to receive payments online from Africa.

Africa presents vast opportunities for scaling quickly in commerce. There are more than 400 million internet users in Africa. 

Still, the ability to pay online with African money methods including cards, M-Pesa, bank transfer, and mobile money is challenging for consumers on the ground.

In addition, Klasha believes that consumers in Africa should have built technology to facilitate the same frictionless access to the goods they want regardless of their geographic location.

How it Works

Klasha has B2B and B2C solutions dedicated to improving e-commerce in Africa and providing seamless online transactions for users. These products include:


KlashaCheckout is a technology solution that allows international merchants to collect payments from Africa in local currencies.

The checkout can be integrated into any e-commerce platform, website, or app.

Through this checkout, customers in Africa can make payments online using their preferred African payment method (card, bank account, USSD, M-Pesa, Mobile Money) in their local African currency, and the merchant receives the equivalent in their chosen currency.

Customers can also enjoy cheap and fast delivery of their goods.

Klasha Payment Links

Klasha Payment Links is a no-code option to accept payments for B2B and B2C merchants or independent sellers that do not have an e-commerce storefront.

The Klasha Payment Link provides a flexible and easy way for international businesses to collect payments from customers in Africa without needing a website, app, or any coding skills. 

With just a few clicks, businesses can create a simple custom checkout page directly from their KlashaDash dashboard and share it with their customers via email, WhatsApp, or other social media platforms to receive payments.

Klasha mobile app

Klasha mobile app is a secure app that allows you to make local and international payments online in your local African currencies without any restrictions. 

With the Klasha mobile app, you can send and receive money from family and friends in Nigeria, Ghana, or Kenya who use the app. No monthly charges. You can also create a virtual card, fund it with NGN, KES, or GHC, and see all your transactions, including the amount paid, merchant details, card information, and much more.


KlashaCart is the in-app shopping cart of Klasha App that allows you to shop all your favorite international brands seamlessly and get delivery to Africa in 14 days. 

This simply means that with a funded Klasha account, you can visit your favorite brands such as Zara, Amazon, and many more with one cart.

Users of the Klasha App also enjoy instant transactions via PINK money, a $5,000 funding limit on virtual dollar cards, and make local and international payments online in local African currencies without any restrictions and more.  


KlashaWire is a fast and easy way for businesses to pay their suppliers overseas in their preferred African currency, whether Naira, Cedis, or other currencies. 

The suppliers, on the other end, receive the money in the dominant currency of their choice. 

With this feature, small business owners can make large payments to suppliers overseas with ease while lowering the cost of the transaction directly on the Klasha dashboard.

When payments are made, the supplier generally receives it in their dominant currency in two business days. 


Jess Anuna

Jess Anuna

Jess Anuna is the Founder & CEO at Klasha.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Expert Dojo, Techstars, Plug and Play

Klasha and South Africa’s Akiba Digital have been accepted into the Expert DOJO International Accelerator program, a Southern California-based accelerator that invests $100,000 into each of its startups and helps them get traction and scale faster than they could ever do by themselves.

They will join 11 other startups from across the globe in the international early-stage startup accelerator which has invested in over 100 startups with 41% of them female-founded/led companies.

Klasha was started with a $120,000 investment from Techstars, an accelerator program, and Dubai-based Ginco Investments. It has also been part of Alibaba and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s (UNCTAD) eFounders initiative. 

Additionally, Klasha has raised $2.4 million in seed funding to build technology infrastructure for cross-border commerce in Africa.

The investment round was led by Greycroft with participation from Seedcamp, Berrywood Capital, AVG Basecamp Fund, Practical VC, Plug and Play, First Fund, Expert Dojo, 2.12 Angels, MiLA Capital and angels, including Joe Cross, Ex-Marketing Head at Wise (formerly TransferWise), Santosh Ankola, Ex-Head of Product at TechCrunch and Michael Pennington, Co-founder of Gumtree.

With this investment, Klasha will expand its technology to help international B2B and B2C businesses such as ASOS, Zara, Amazon, or Zoom to receive payments seamlessly online in African currencies from consumers across Africa. 

Klasha’s core technology allows African consumers to pay international online and offline retailers in African currencies while the retailers receive payouts in their dominant currencies, including USD, GBP, and EUR. 

Klasha is currently available in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya and will invest in driving more revenue, growing its current 10,000 customer base, and expanding into new markets with three more African countries set to go live.

In the past, Klasha has continued to power international businesses with the tools they need to grow and expand into Africa. Within five short months of launching, Klasha had already processed more than 20,000 transactions across Africa with an average 366% MoM growth rate. 

The latest funding reinforces Klasha’s commitment to improving commerce for Africans and simplifying cross-border payments so businesses can expand into a market full of energized consumers.

With this investment, they will also focus on strengthening their cross-border technology solutions and expanding into more African countries because Klasha’s core technology allows African consumers to pay international online and offline merchants such as ASOS, Amazon, and BestBuy in African currencies, while the merchants receive payouts in G20 currencies.

Main Competitors

OurPass: This is the fastest one-click checkout for digital commerce in Africa.

IKANGAI: It is a digital business transformation and mobile customer engagement company.

Kitchen United: This offers a turnkey solution for restaurant brands to profitably expand.


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