iXperience: Story, Founders, Investors & Funding Rounds

From coding boot camp to global career development platform.

The iX founders were both incredibly grateful for their Yale undergraduate experience but felt there was something fundamentally lacking from their four years on campus. 

They were high on theoretical knowledge, but low on skills. The material they had learned was already out of date by the time they graduated. 

They dreamed of creating a company that prepared students for the future, inspired them to challenge themselves, and push them out of their comfort zones where limitless learning takes place.

iXperience started in 2013 as a study abroad coding boot camp that would bridge the gap between academia and industry.

 Since then, it’s grown into a global operation that has helped more than 3000 students accelerate their careers while exploring the world. 

Throughout, their focus has stayed on creating authentic connections within our community. 

They go to great lengths to get to know their students, teachers, and partner companies, which they believe have been instrumental to their success.

Now, iXperience aims to build transformational learning experiences that give students the best life possible by creating development programs for university students, professionals, and executives, while partnering with institutions to transform how the world prepares students for the future of work.

Therefore, it has become an industry leader in career-focused skills training.

How it Works


Naturally, the most important consideration when taking up a program like iX Summer Abroad is that it is what you make it. 

Being in a new environment – especially abroad – is the chance to gain confidence and self-assuredness, possibly in a higher-pressure environment than what you’re used to. 

This means engaging with the classes, asking lots of questions, being proactive and professional in your internship, and being an avid explorer of your host city. 

What this leads to, once the program ends, is a community of students who are more worldly, experienced, and able to understand the needs of a professional environment. 

These are all things that go a long way in shaping our students’ decisions and outlooks long after their iX program ends.

They also encourage students to do their research to make sure that the right decisions are being made with the right information. 

Many traditional abroad programs out there only focus on two components: travel combined with either a course or an internship. 

In many cases, the courses taught by other study abroad providers are language-focused, rather than skills-based. The internship, then, is also what makes iX stand out.

In short, iXperience combines three spheres of learning: Learn a skill taught by industry experts, apply that skill in a carefully-vetted, guaranteed internship to gain marketable work experience, and travel the world with planned excursions and weekly community events to build connections for life.

All of this while being supervised by trained, experienced program staff who know your host city well.

Learning in Cape Town/Lisbon

Cape Town and Lisbon are two of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world, which is why they’re both hosts to their campuses.

Cape Town offers access to endless hiking opportunities – including on the iconic Table Mountain – and the option to surf the waves of two different oceans, all just a stone’s throw away from the student accommodation.

Lisbon gives visitors many rich cultural experiences, a deep history, and sprawling beaches, while also offering the opportunity to bask in the warm Portuguese summer sun. 

No matter the type of experience you are looking for, book a call with an admissions consultant to find out which option is best for you.

They have a rigid health and safety briefing with all their students on day one of the programs to ensure that everyone is well aware of the city and surroundings. 

Each of their host cities’ student accommodations is located within 3.1 miles of the nearest hospital, and with dedicated staff appointed to each campus, they can offer support 24/7. 


In both Cape Town and Lisbon, the student accommodation is a shared space so all of our students can connect. 

The house has 2-5 students per room, and room selection is on a first-come-first-serve basis. This means that students who commit to the program and pay their deposits early have the first choice of rooming options.

Each city’s accommodation is paired with a co-working space just a short distance away and is close to shops, transport routes, and amenities. 

Students will be picked up from the airport on arrival and taken to check into the accommodation the Sunday before the program’s start date. 

Students will depart from the accommodation to the airport the Saturday after the program ends, and transport will also be arranged on this day. 

Note that early or late arrivals and/or departures will require your transportation and additional accommodation arrangements.


Depending on the chosen city, you’ll have a very different packing list. Cape Town enters its winter between June and September, so it’s best to pack warmer clothes; however, the South African winter is very mild compared to the US’s.

Therefore, expect temperatures of 55°F at worst during the day. Cape Town’s weather is notorious for changing in a heartbeat, so make sure to pack a few items for warmer conditions.

Lisbon, on the other hand, will be in its summer during the program, so it is best to pack for a hot climate – and don’t forget your sunscreen.

For both locations, you will need to pack swimwear/beachwear as well as outdoor clothing, as you will be going on many adventures in both cities.

Also, include one or two smart-casual options for meetings with your internship manager.


As it has been in previous years, it can get overwhelming having to attend class and complete internship projects while trying to take in and explore a new city. 

But don’t worry because iX organizes many optional events throughout every week for you to experience the best of each city, but it will be up to you to balance which events you attend and which days you will reserve for your learning experience.

Additionally, they always offer round-the-clock support to students who are struggling with the coursework or workload, and their in-city staff members are dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your experience with iX.


Aaron Fuchs

aaron fuchs

Aaron Fuchs is the Founder and CEO at iXperience.

Rafi Khan

Rafi Khan

Rafi Khan is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at iXperience. 

Rafi Khan attended Yale University.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Kalon Venture Partners, Caleo Private Equity

 iXperience has secured $ 2.5 million in a Series A funding round led by Kalon Venture Partners and Caleo Private Equity.

iXperience will utilize the investment funding to expand its team, develop its innovative tech platform, launch programs across different markets, and build its global strategic partnerships division.

The ed-tech company’s success can be attributed to the quality of instructors which have been sourced along with the caliber of students that the company attracts.

iXperience claims that its students originated from Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Oxford, and other top international universities.

In addition to their successful direct-to-consumer programs, iX partners with institutions to enable them to remain relevant in a changing educational and professional landscape. 

Most recently, iXperience has built successful partnerships with the likes of the University of Virginia, WorldStrides, and Bar Ilan University.

Main Competitors

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togetherAI: This helps protect kids online and supports families to connect and communicate about mental health and well-being.

Jobbatical: It is an AI-enabled immigration and relocation platform focused on making immigration easy.


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