Innovex: Story, Founders, Investors & Funding Rounds

Founded in 2016 by Douglas Baguma and David Tusubira, Innovex has developed “Remot”, a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) solution that transforms the distribution of off-grid solar energy systems and equipment using digital tools by enabling solar companies, EPC, and distributors to remotely monitor and manage their energy systems.

The two co-founders realized that solar energy had the potential to bridge the energy access gap for the 30 million Ugandans remaining without electricity, but were frustrated the technology was not reaching Ugandans fast enough. 

Douglas & David also took on this problem by helping installers and distributors of off-grid solar energy systems to scale up using digital tools. There are 300 active solar companies in Uganda alone, and thousands more in sub-Saharan Africa.

Innovex also aims to spur Africa’s social-economic transformation through the development of novel technologies. 

Their competencies include embedded systems, connected devices, web and software development, and wireless communication technologies. Innovex entered the market with a home-grown IoT solution. 

The team has developed ‘Remot’, a cloud-based IoT solution enabling solar companies, EPC, and distributors to remotely monitor and manage their energy systems. 

This solution, ‘Remot’, offers after-sales service support; remotely monitoring and controlling solar PV systems and equipment, and supporting preventative maintenance and repair activities. To date, ‘Remot’ has been used in over 5 countries in Africa by solar companies and solar energy researchers.

Innovex is a technology company with hardware and software development teams offering services 100% made in Africa. Many of these solar assets are installed in facilities such as health centers, schools, and SMEs across the 5 countries in the East African region i.e. Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, DRC, and Ethiopia.

Innovex stands out as a true African-grown inspiration and has received support and recognition on the international stage from partners such as OVO, CISCO, and Energy 4 Impact.

How it Works


Remot disrupts the ordinary solar business by eliminating the need for huge capital investments in last-mile reach infrastructure such as physical branches and vehicles, reducing it to purchasing and connecting our hardware to a solar system. Their mobile money integration ensures transparency and quick response to clients.

‘Remot’ has transformed the way solar companies do business such as better after-sales support and opening up pay-as-you-go for larger-size solar systems. This has reduced overall downtime and improved the accessibility of solar systems and equipment. 

Remot also facilitates better after-sales support and PAYG actuation for larger-size solar systems, reducing downtime of solar systems and improving accessibility of solar systems and solar equipment. 


David Tusubira

David Tusubira

David Tusubira is a Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder at Innovex company.

He attended Makerere University in 2012.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Gaia Impact Fund

Gaia Impact Fund

Innovex has closed a seed funding round to help it scale its technology across Africa.

Innovex is already working with companies that have solar systems installed in institutions such as health centers, schools, and rural farms across Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Ethiopia, and is now planning on scaling that after raising an undisclosed amount of seed funding from the Gaia Impact Fund.

A French fund dedicated to energy access entrepreneurs, Gaia has so far invested in 11 innovative companies across Africa and Southeast Asia and is actively pursuing its investment strategy with strong social and environmental impact.

Gaia Impact Fund is a French impact fund dedicated to energy-access entrepreneurs. 

Gaia Impact Fund invests in startups and SMEs operating in Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia and is active in various segments: solar kits, productive uses of electricity, mini-grids, commercial & industrial solar installations, and cleantech. 

Gaia Impact Fund was created by a team of entrepreneurs specialized in renewable energy and social impact investing.

Since 2017, Gaia Impact Fund has supported 11 innovative companies in emerging countries and is actively pursuing its investment strategy with strong social and environmental impact.

Innovex will use the funding to scale Remot to 100 solar distributors across Africa, thus enabling solar energy access to three million people.

The company received additional extensive support from the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK, the Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund, and later the Carbon Trust under the Transforming Energy Access program.

Main Competitors

dcbel: This offers AI-driven sustainable technologies which enable people to leverage solar energy to power their cars, homes, and lifestyles.

InstaHub: It provides energy conservation technology solutions.

Zanbur: This Solar Energy Electric Subscription Service.


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