Gamr: Story, Founders, Investors & Funding Rounds

Gamr is a brand that is tech-savvy and progressive, they utilize these qualities and the tools that come with them to create a thriving and lucrative gaming ecosystem in Africa and are primed to break into the global tournament scene.

Their mission is to nurture and advance gaming culture and eSports in Africa and the world. 

They are solidly number one in Africa with a very high ceiling still. They will also help the gaming ecosystem flourish here by providing the platform for competitive tournaments and investing in tomorrow’s pro players.

Throughout their fast rise to the top, they have created alongside them, a family of like-minded individuals. 

Individuals who understand our passions, share in their goals, and know the path we are taking.

As of now, they have more than 210,000 Gamrs on their interactive app, playing, winning, interacting, and growing. It is more than just gaming, for them, it is not just a pastime, it is a culture.

Their slogan, “Gaming Differently”, is not just fancy words strung together to evoke awe, it is a promise. The promise is that when you join Gamr, you are guaranteed a novel experience, unlike anything you have experienced before.

Additionally, they utilize these qualities and the tools that come with them to create a thriving and lucrative gaming ecosystem in Africa and are primed to break into the global tournament scene.

They also provide infrastructure for gamers to go professional and organizers to manage tournaments and are at the heart of the eSports industry in Africa.

In addition, they create the means for tournament organizers to connect with gamers since they are at the heart of the eSports industry in Africa, checking its pulse and curating excellent gaming experiences each time. 

How it Works

Africa lacks much of the infrastructure critical for the widespread adoption of esports and African gamers often do not have access to the substantial prizes available to gamers globally.

Gamr is challenging this through its subscription service platform, which enables gamers to participate in esports tournaments and allows organizers to reach players across Africa. 

Gamr also assists talented players in progressing from hobbyist participants to esports professionals by providing coaching and access to player analytics on its platform using artificial intelligence technology.

The startup is also increasing the financial opportunities for African gamers and has distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money to previous tournament winners.


Sholakunmi Adenipebi

Kunmi Adenipebi

Sholakunmi Adenipebi is a Chief Technology Officer of Gamr. 

He attended Kogi State University.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Empawa Africa, Adrenaline gaming

Gamr has announced it has secured seed investment to scale its operations further and deliver new opportunities to Africa’s estimated 750 million gamers. 

Participants in the undisclosed seed round include empower Africa, Adrenaline Gaming, and other investors from business and entertainment. 

Esports is growing rapidly around the world, and the sector is expected to be worth $1.5 billion.

 Annually, Nigerian consumers spend $100 million on gaming, and interest in gaming and esports continues to accelerate across Africa. 

With the funds, they will build their community to over 60,000 and host tournaments featuring thousands of gamers from across Africa. 

They will also build strategic partnerships with stakeholders across the globe. 

With the support of their new investors, they will push to continue scaling across the continent and provide new opportunities for gamers, tournament organizers, and brands.

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