Afrikrea: Story, Founders, Investors & Funding Rounds

Since its start in 2016, Afrikrea has been trying to bring Africa and the rest of the world closer together.

Moulaye Tabouré, Kadry Diallo, and Luc B. Perussault-Diallo, their co-founders, are from Mali and Guinea, respectively. They all love Africa and want to bring more Made in Africa goods. They also wanted to make a place where art, culture, and fashion could be used to help African women become financially independent.

In contrast to natural resources, which are limited and made, sold, and controlled by others, African culture is the only thing that will always belong to Africans and will always be valued by everyone.

Africa should be free for anyone who loves the continent to take, use, and make money from.

Their goal is to make African culture as well-known as Japanese food, Latin dance, or the European way of life.

So, sharing and enjoying African art and culture in other parts of the world should be a lot of fun you can share with your friends and neighbors.

They connect thousands of retailers in Africa and around the world through their online platform. Every day, they make it easy for them to start and run a successful online business.

customers can shop with complete peace of mind and ease thanks to the security measures they’ve put in place on their site. The seller won’t get paid until your order has been sent out and received.

How it Works

On AFRIKREA, you can open a store, sell things, and keep track of orders all in one place. This is part of the ANKA service.

Afrikrea is the best place to find and share real clothes, accessories, and home decor made in Africa from all over the world.

Afrikrea is a website that brings together artists from all over the world, whether or not they are of African descent. It does this by giving them a free online shop where they can show off and sell their work. All of the best clothes, art, and accessories that are inspired by Africa are in one place. Fans of Africa from all over the world can buy these items with ease.

Afrikrea acts as a neutral third party to help buyers and sellers trade and talk to each other but because Afrikrea is a democratic country, the benefits of communal consumption are shared by all of its people.

If two or more sellers share a booth or a shipping contract, they might save money on these costs.

Original discoveries can be bought for an affordable price and So, they are sure that the best way to make the world a better place for everyone is to share and learn from each other, no matter what country we are from, to reach their common goals.


Moulaye Taboure

Moulaye Taboure

Moulaye Taboure is the CEO at Afrikrea.

Moulaye grew up in Mali and worked for multinational companies like PwC and Alstom for most of his adult life. Now, he is dedicated to preserving and promoting African culture. Because of this, can handle transactions of at least $10 million from customers in 150 countries.

Moulaye is very focused on giving good service and running his business well. He also thinks that growing Africa’s market through the internet is essential to the continent’s growth.

Abdoul Kadry Diallo

Abdoul Kadry Diallo

Abdoul Kadry Diallo is the CMO at Afrikrea.

Kadry understands the frustrations of people who are interested in African culture while he uses his drive to be an entrepreneur.

After growing up in Mali and France, he is now getting a Master 2 in Management, Control, and Organizational Audit at the University of Paris-Saclay. He wants to work in corporate finance. After a while, he decided to become an engineer and work in industrial project management for companies like Renault.SA, Siemens Transportation Systems, and EDF.

In 2013, they decided to start Afrikrea to promote African artists. He had known both of them since he was a child through his friend Moulaye.

In 2015, he quit his job as a project planner to work full-time on their new business. With Luc on board, the company was able to grow. In 2016, they launched the Afrikrea e-commerce platform, which has handled over 7,000 transactions worth over 10 million euros.

Luc Perussault Diallo

Luc Perussault Diallo

Luc Perussault Diallo is the founder and CTO at Afrikrea.

This former naval officer is a natural builder who likes to tackle hard tasks. In 1999, he decided to work full-time in the field of technology and start-ups.

Luc has been in the business for over 20 years, and his marketplace,, is very successful with 1K transactions per day and 2M visits per month. He has decided to focus his time and energy on helping businesses grow in Africa. In 2016, he decided to work with Kadry and Moulaye to become the biggest online store for selling African clothes.

Additionally, he spent many years traveling the globe, stopping in the South Pacific, the United States, and France before settling down with his wife and three kids in Grand-Bassam, Ivory Coast.

Investors & Funding Rounds

 DHL Visa, Saviu Ventures, Id4 ventures

With the help of DHL and Visa, Afrikrea was able to get $6.2 million in pre-Series A financing and rebrand as the ANKA SaaS platform for merchants.

Customers have spent more than $35 million on the site, and more than 700,000 of those customers have been there. Most of its customers are in Europe and North America.

It will keep building up its SaaS mobile infrastructure with the money from the pre-Series A financing. It also wants to add more experts in technology, finance, sales, and marketing to its current staff of 30 people on four continents.

Main Competitors

CLICKY.PK: This is a lightning-fast hub for fashion where customers can find a wide range of stylish clothes at reasonable prices.

Heat: They promote styles that are good for the environment.

Lamoda: It is the best place to buy clothes, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics online in Russia. They offer express shipping.


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