Yumamia: Story, Founders, Investors & Funding Rounds

Yumamia Inc. was started in August 2014 in Delaware, USA, to launch its platform for people in the Middle East.

Yumamia is a food delivery app that gives people access to healthy, freshly made meals made with only the best ingredients and following the highest standards of cleanliness at prices that are comparable to fast food.

It is a network of online “cloud kitchens” that cater to corporations and busy professionals by offering on-demand and subscription-based meal delivery services with healthy, freshly prepared meals at prices that are comparable to, if not lower than, those of fast food restaurants.

People who want gourmet meals delivered to their homes can use the company’s app to look through a list of caterers that offer authentic food made by experienced chefs using high-quality ingredients, strict hygiene standards, and unique menus that change every day.

Yumamia has an app for smartphones that lets you order healthy, freshly made meals that can be delivered to you in less than an hour. Only the freshest ingredients and the highest standards of cleanliness are used to make these meals.

The goal of Yumamia is to make healthy food the easiest and most affordable way for people to meet their daily food needs.

How it Works

Yumamia started as a service in Cairo that delivered healthy (non-junk) meals. It has since grown to offer corporate catering and a business-to-business (B2B) service.

The company works with restaurants to help them make money off of their unused kitchen space and staff by outsourcing their entire food preparation processes.

Yumamia’s business model is similar to a franchise, so its food and beverage locations can use their infrastructure and staff to serve customers while still following Yumamia’s standards and recipes.

The company makes money from its corporate catering services.

Employees of firms that work with Yumamia can use the company’s office ordering platform to place daily lunch orders since the platform has a dashboard for HR and Operations to handle billing.

Companies pay Yumamia, which gives food to their workers for free (as a reward) or at cost (possibly by taking the monthly bills out of the workers’ paychecks).

Even though Yumamia’s original business of delivering food to consumers is still growing, more than 80% of the company’s sales now come from its B2B platform.


Belal Marwan El-Borno

Belal El Borno is not only one of the people who started Happy Human, but he is also the CEO of the company.

He was both a co-founder and the CEO At Yumamia.

Belal El Borno studied at Duke.

Mahmoud Maghraby

Mahmoud Maghraby is in charge of media for Mars in the Middle East and Africa.

He used to work at MediaCom as Head of Strategy for MENA.

Mahmoud Maghraby went to school at the Arab Academy of Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport to learn.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Pure Consulting

Four investors have contributed to Yumamia. Pure Consulting and Manal Al Alem are the newest people to back the project.

Yumamia got $1.5 million in funding before its Series A round.

A small Saudi consulting company called Pure Consulting put money in and With this round of funding, Yumamia has raised a total of $2.8 million. 

According to the company’s announcement. This makes it one of the best-funded businesses in Egypt.

The money will help the business start-up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, later this year and grow faster in Egypt.

Main Competitors

FreshMenu: Meals delivered by FreshMenu are of the highest quality because they are always fresh and taste great.

HelloFresh: This is a meal delivery service that sends customers fresh ingredients already measured out.

Just Eat Takeaway: The goal of Just Eat Takeaway is to connect people who want to eat out with restaurants that will bring them food.


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