Website Builder in South Africa: Don’t Have Any Design Skills? Here is How To Deal With That

Did you know you can create a site without programming skills?  I thought you should. How? Using Website Builder in South Africa.

A website builder is a tool used to create and design websites without touching any code (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc). This advancement in technology has enabled thousands of entrepreneurs like you to establish online presence easily.

Now that you know what we are talking about, the next question is:

What website builder do you need?

There are several builder tools out there like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace among others.

But today, I want to introduce you best of them all: It is a tool to use in creating professional and eye-catching websites.

To better understand how Olitt works, let me familiarize you with the types of website builders that exist; offline and online website builders.

  1. Offline website builder

This is a type of Website Builder in South Africa you need to first download and install it on your computer for it to work.

Once successfully installed, the software comes with tools that allow you to create and design a website on your computer without the need for an internet connection.

You need to have a few skills to use this type of website builder. A good example of such type is Rapid-weaver.

  • Online website builder

Unlike offline Website Builder in South Africa, you need an internet connection to use this type. It is hosted somewhere and can be accessed using your normal web browser.

Why choose online over offline website builder?

Well, online website builder comes with hosting services, meaning that once your website is ready to go live, just click publish. No need for additional web hosting services.

Additionally, most of these online page builders, Olitt being one of them, feature the drag-and-drop technology. With such capabilities on your hands, creating a professional website comes down to just dragging elements around to achieve the desired design.

How long does it take you to create a website?

With Olitt by your side, gone are the days when creating a website took days or even months. That is because you had to get your hands dirty digging into the code. it was unpleasant and things could go south fast if you touch what you weren’t supposed to.

Fortunately now, you only need at most five minutes to go live with your new website.

How is that possible? Let’s look at how Olitt works.

How does it work?

Steps to Get Started

These are the exact steps you take when creating a new website using the Olitt builder tool.

  1. Name your website
  2. Decide and choose templates that fit your niche
  3. Get over with editing and replacing images, texts with your own
  4. Use drag and drop to rearrange your elements to fit your preference
  5. Preview the changes, and if you like what you see, go live by clicking the publish button.

Your website is ready.

How long can that take to complete?

What are the features of the Olitt website builder?

Olitt comes is packed with several premium features. Most of them cost nothing, while others come at a small fee (lower than the cost of a cup of coffee).

In fact, you will be surprised to realize that some of the free features here are paid for somewhere else.

  • Connect custom domain– A custom domain allows you to link your website to your domain name.
  • Domain names- hundreds of domain extensions available to you at highly discounted prices.
  • SSL certificates- you get this feature for free. It safeguards your website from malicious attacks.
  • Search Engine Optimization tools- helps you get your websites and landing pages appear on the search engines.
  • DNS management- manage your DNS records free of charge
  • Global CDN-  Olitt has an in-build CDN network with over 40 PoPs in 5 continents. This increases the loading speed of your website and landing pages.
  • Integrations- add functionality and improve usability by integrating other tools such as payment gateways, Google Analytics, building email lists among others. You can add all of these rights from Olitt’s dashboard
  • Custom code – capture your imaginations by adding custom code.

With all the goodies, Olitt must be charging a fortune, right?

Wrong. Look at the next section to learn more.

Olitt website builder Pricing

Website Builder in South Africa pricing
Website Builder in South Africa Pricing has two types of pricing packages; free and premium packages.

The free plan gives you:

  • Free Olitt.Com Domain
  • Connect Custom Domain
  • Olitt.Com Branding
  • SSL Certificate
  • Seo Tools
  • DNS Management
  • Pre-Built Websites Among others

As for the premium plans, it starts from $5 billed monthly. Here, you get branding removed, additional disk space of 5 GB, external integration capabilities, among others.

Why the Olitt builder?

Unlike other website builders, Olitt is giving you a chance to connect a custom domain to your free plan.

Besides that, here are some other reasons to start using this tool now in South Africa:

  1. You do not need coding skills to build a professional website
  2. It is free. Only upgrade to the premium package as your business grows
  3. Access to SEO resources to boost your online presence
  4. You enjoy free SSL certificates to protect your websites from attacks
  5. Easy to use, thanks to the revolutionary drag-and-drop feature
  6. hundreds of ready-made website templates.
  7. High-speed loading websites and landing pages
  8. Easily track and monitor your website performance

 The truth is, we can go on all day talking about this awesome website builder in South Africa. But in the end, nothing exceeds the first-hand experience. Sign up now to experience it for yourself

For example;

You can create a website now for free and start making money. Say you are into online trading, you can create a blog to talk about your experiences and make money through affiliate marketing.

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