Tribal Credit: Story, Founders, Investors & Funding Rounds

Tribal Credit, which used to be called Aingel, makes business credit cards for new businesses in economies that are still growing. The platform’s AI-driven approval process and blockchain technology make it possible for people to get credit, choose how they spend their money and get financial incentives in the form of tokens.

In developing countries, new businesses are doing well, but the financial system that should help them is in bad shape. There is a big gap between the financial services that are available and what entrepreneurs need. What we want to do is close the gap between them.

Tribal Credits knows how hard it is for business owners to get banking services, apply for company credit cards, and send money to other countries. You need something different from the standard banking procedures, user interfaces, and underwriting methods that are already available. This is where their financial service, which is very tech-savvy, comes in.

They made a custom AI-driven approval process to help underwrite businesses in developing economies and help them more. Their great founding team is made up of people who have started and run businesses in both developed and developing economies. They include serial entrepreneurs, data scientists, and fintech executives.

As business owners, Tribal Credit wants to help you grow your business and join the ranks of the best builders in the world.

How it Works


Tribal was made for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that are growing and need an easier way to process payments and keep track of money. To open an account, your business must be legally set up, and you must be one of the original owners or a member of the top management team. There’s a chance that some stores won’t sell tribal items.

Charging Fee

At this time, neither interest nor fees for international transactions are added to Tribal accounts. If you use Tribal, you’ll never be surprised by hidden fees.

So, how do we make money? When you use your Tribal card at a store, the store pays an “interchange fee” to Tribal. From the card network and the merchant’s bank, we get our share of the charge.

Application & Approval

Tribal’s account opening process for businesses that already exist is all digital and usually takes less than 10 minutes.

Simple questions about the company’s structure, history, and financing options are asked on a short online form. If they need to, they may ask for bank statements or other financial information as a follow-up.

After they get your application, it could take up to 48 hours for us to check out your company, make a decision, and either approve you or ask for more information. If your application is complete and has all the necessary attachments, we can look at it much faster.

At a regular bank, the process of approval could take a few months. The process of getting clearance from Tribal can take as little as an hour, but most of the time it’s done in 48 hours or less after all the necessary paperwork is turned in.

The application must be complete in every way before the evaluation process can begin. If they need more information or clarification to be able to process your application, the time it takes to do so maybe longer.

As soon as your application is accepted, you can activate your account, invite your team, make your cards, and start making transactions.


Amr Shady

Amr Shady:
CEO at Tribal Credit

Amr Shady is the CEO and one of the founders of the company Aingel. He is also a data science engineer and a serial digital entrepreneur. The fact that he is on the boards of both Endeavor and TechWadi shows that he is a part of the global entrepreneurial movement.

Amr started, grew, and bought businesses for 17 years before he started Aingel. At the age of 22, he started his first business with only $50,000. Since then, it has grown to make millions of dollars in sales every year.

TA Telecom company offers mobile services and data analytics. It was named to the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 and the Red Herring Global 100.

Amr is dedicated to philanthropy and the use of technology for good; he founded MegaKheir, a mobile contributions platform that links donors with tens of Egypt-based organizations, and RefuKids, a humanitarian effort that aims to reduce the suffering of refugee children.

He got his BSc in electrical engineering from Dalhousie University and his MSc in business analytics from New York University while he was living in Canada.

Duane Good

Duane Good:
President & Co-founder at Tribal

He is on the boards of Tribal Credit and and is the president of GDS Link, just to name a few of his many jobs.

Over the past twenty-five years, he has learned a lot about international finance. At the time, he was SVP at Providian, which was the second largest US Visa card issuer, and Executive VP, COO, and CIO at HSBC.

Duane Good studied at the University of Pennsylvania.

Prasant Sudhakaran

Prasant Sudhakaran

Prasant Sudhakaran is the Co-Founder of Tribal Credit, an Adjunct Professor at New York University, and the Co-Founder and Director of Corporate Development at Aingel.

Prasant Sudhakaran studied at NYU Stern School of Business and London Business School.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Global Ventures, BECO Capital, Endure Capital, 500 Startups, Off the Grid Ventures, Rising Tide Fund, Tribe Capital.

Tribal Credit has raised a $5.5 million seed round from BECO Capital and Global Ventures. The money will be used to help businesses in developing countries get around the lack of money in their own countries.

500 Startups, Off The Grid Ventures, Rising Tide Fund, and Tribe Capital are also investors in the financial technology company.

Tribal will help startups get payment channels and money by giving them access to financial services that are usually only available to big companies. This will allow startups to grow and scale.

Main Competitors

Stash Financial: It is a single app that can be used for banking, investing, and getting financial advice.

SavvyMoney: It gives people useful credit advice so they can take control of their financial futures.

Happy: This is a digital financing platform that gives short-term loans to micro-businesses in India based on different kinds of data.


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