The World’s Top 10 richest Billionaires over the past 10 years

The last decade has seen several changes in the World’s richest billionaires list. The first one is the new faces at the top of the leaderboard that was never there before. But one of the most obvious changes is that the richest billionaires have accumulated a lot more wealth in recent years.

Using Forbes’s annual data on the richest billionaires, we’ve visualized the wealth and ranking of the top 10 billionaires over the past decade.

List of the World’s Richest Billionaires

Although the pecking order has fluctuated, the leaderboard remains very exclusive. Out of a possible 10 Spots, only 19 individuals have made the list over the last decade.

Below is the current list of the richest billionaires in 2022, including the first time they appeared on the list. (if in the last decade)

Rank Name CountryNet Worth (2022)First Year on List
1Elon MuskThe U.S.$219 billion2021
2Jeff BezosThe U.S.$171 billion2016
3Bernard ArnaultFrance$158 billion
4Bill GatesThe U.S.$129 billion
5Warren BuffettThe U.S.$118 billion
6Larry PageThe U.S.$111 billion2019
7Sergey BrinThe U.S.$107 billion2021
8Larry EllisonThe U.S.$106 billion
9Steve BallmerThe U.S.$91 billion2020
10Mukesh AmbaniIndia$91 billion

Billionaires with a (-) means that they first made the list at an earlier date. For instance, Mukesh Ambani made the 2008 list.

Microsoft co-founder turned Philanthropist, Bill Gates, has always made the top list for many years. Being ranked in the fourth spot over this time period is the lowest rank Gates has ever been. Bill Gates has pledged to give away nearly all of his fortune to the eponymously named Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Jeff Bezos sat at the top of the world’s richest people ranking from 2018 to 2021. He was bumped out by Elon Musk in 2021. In 2020 Bezos became the first person to amass a $200 billion fortune after amazon’s stock price surged during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In recent months, Jeff Bezos’ net worth has taken a hit as amazon’s share price has fallen back down.

Today January 2023, Elon Musk is still the world’s richest person.

The Rich Keep Getting Richer

The median net worth of the richest billionaires has significantly grown over time.

Year Median Net Worth of Top 10 Billionaires
2013 $39 billion
2014 $44 billion
2015 $49 billion
2016 $45 billion
2017 $56 billion
2018 $71 billion
2019 $64 billion
2020 $68 billion
2021 $97 billion
2022 $115 billion

Most fortunes are held in the form of real estate, business equity, and publicly-traded stocks—-all asset classes that have benefited from the era of cheap money and ultra-low interest rates.

The median net worth of the top 10 billionaires has nearly tripled from $39 billion to $115 billion over the decade period. 

The first billionaire to pass the $100 billion threshold was Jeff Bezos in 2018 when he took the top billionaire spot from, Bill Gates. Eight (8) of the billionaires in the top 10 list are centibillionaires. 

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