Revix: Story, Founders, Investors & Funding Rounds

Revix is a company that offers a smart investment management platform called a “Bundle” that is made to handle a group of cryptocurrencies.

It is also an online community that helps regular people take control of their financial futures.

With the help of Revix’s technologies, individual investors can manage their digital asset portfolios.

Using Revix, anyone, no matter where they are in the world, can build a portfolio of the best cryptocurrencies, called a “Bundle.”

When investors use their Bundle Technology, they can be sure that their Bundles will be rebalanced every month, keeping them in step with the constantly changing market.

Through Revix, regular people can invest in new market topics, industries, and asset classes in an easy way. This is because they offer the easiest-to-use, most complete investment platform available, as well as a wide range of exciting, new ways to invest.

Additionally, bank-level security procedures and vaults with multiple signatures and air gaps keep their investors’ money safe at all times.

In everything they do, they put the needs of their more than 27,000 customers and their 4,000 5-star ratings first.

They’re also adding behavioral investing tools that combine the best parts of an online broker and a wealth manager to make money management more personal and fun.

However, their incentive-driven rewards program emphasizes how important it is to invest responsibly. This gives their clients the power to take control of their financial future.

Also with their Crypto Bundle, you can own more than 80% of the market with just a few clicks. It has never been easier to invest in cryptocurrencies.

How it Works

According to BuiltWith, Revix UK Limited’s website employs 46 distinct technologies. Viewport Meta, SPF, and iPhone & Mobile Compatibility are a few examples.

Complex algorithms are used to make sure that the Revix system works.

When purchasing crypto-assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, the application locates the cheapest price in real-time in a timely and accurate manner and immediately completes the transaction.

If you want to sell or trade your assets, they will use the same algorithmic trading tactics to sell them as rapidly as possible while achieving the highest possible price.

Revix will retain fifty percent of the profits made from each transaction you execute, but you will get the whole amount after each month.


Sean Andrew Sanders

Sean Andrew Sanders went to the University of Cape Town and got a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics.

Sean used to work in investment banking. He was a tech analyst at Sabvest and a portfolio manager at general Pacific Management Services.

He started Revix Limited where he is also the CEO to help regular people increase their net worth by automatically and easily investing in new and developing investment themes, sectors, and asset classes.

Louis Buys 

Louis Buys is a co-founder and co-CEO of the company Revix. Louis is an entrepreneur who works in blockchain and financial technology.

Although he has a background in engineering and computer science, he has focused mostly on studying cryptography throughout his academic career.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Sabvest and Delta

Revix Limited gets money from two different investors. The most recent investors are Sabvest and Delta, respectively.

In addition, Revix has successfully raised a total of $4.2 million in capital via 5 rounds of investment, including a Series A investment round.

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