June 5, 2023
Let’s Color Peppa Pig on the Couch

Today we are going to color Peppa pig on the couch holding a remote. My guess is she is watching TV. What do you think?

Let’s learn coloring by painting Peppa pig using different colors. This is an educative, fun and easy-peasy coloring tutorial to teach kids to use different colors to paint a drawing. It also teaches kids the different color names in french.

Print the Peppa pig drawing, like the one shown below to use during the drawing tutorial.

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1. A printout of the Peppa pig drawing

2. Colouring supplies

Let’s color Peppa pig! 

Video tutorial: Let’s Color Peppa Pig on the Couch

Let’s color Peppa pig.

Step 1: Use a light pink color to paint Peppa pig’s head and ears, leaving out her eyes, cheek, and mouth. Use the same color to paint her hand and legs. The pink color is called rose in french.

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Step 2: Use red color to paint Peppa pig’s cheek and mouth. The red color is called rouge in french.

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Step 3: Use green color to paint Peppa pig’s body. The green color is called vert in french.

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Step 4: Use brown color to paint the couch. The brown color is called marron in french.

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Step 5: Use hot pink color to paint the carpet.

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Finally, we have colored Peppa pig on a couch drawing! 

What colors can you identify in your bedroom? Ask your family and friends to assist you with identifying the colors.

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