How To Draw Pocoyo Easily For Kids

Are you a fan of Pocoyo? Let’s learn how to draw Pocoyo the main character. This fun, easy-peasy and well-detailed tutorial teaches kids to draw and color the Pocoyo character of the Pocoyo show.

Pocoyo facts about Pocoyo the main character

Did you know that Pocoyo’s birthday is October 14th?

Did you know that Pocoyo sucks on a yellow pacifier secretly, and usually puts it away when he is spotted?

To make it easier, you can print our guide for use during the drawing process.

How To Draw Pocoyo
How To Draw Pocoyo


1. Pencil or black marker

2. Paper

3. Colouring supplies

Now let’s draw that dog! 

Video Tutorial: How To Draw Pocoyo Easily For Kids

Let’s draw Pocoyo’s hat.

Step 1: First draw the hat like the crescent shape shown below.

How To Draw Pocoyo

Let’s draw Pocoyo’s head.

Step 2: Draw a curve joining the two ends of the crescent-like hat to complete the head. Step 3: Draw two small crescent-like smiling eyes.

Step 4: Draw a tiny nose like a triangle.

Step 5: Draw the mouth below the nose like an inverted D as shown below.

How To Draw Pocoyo

Let’s draw Pocoyo’s top.

Step 6: Draw arms attached to the head with hands as shown in the image below.

Step 7: Draw the shirt from the raised arms, and draw the buttons below a v-neck as shown below.

How To Draw Pocoyo

Let’s draw Pocoyo’s bottom.

Step 8: Draw the legs and a standing board as shown below.

How To Draw Pocoyo

Let’s color.

Step 1: Use a brown color to paint the face and the hands. 

Step 2: Use blue color to paint the shirt leaving out the v-neck and the buttons area.

How To Draw Pocoyo

Step 3: Use a sky blue color to paint the hat.

Step 4: Use black color or your marker to color the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Step 5: Use yellow color to paint the stepping board leaving out the legs.

How To Draw Pocoyo

Finally, we have a drawing of Pocoyo! Did you notice that we used two shades of blue? Also, we did not color the legs blue like in the Pocoyo show.

Remember practice makes perfect, so keep practicing to perfect your drawing. Also, share your drawing with your family and friends.


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