How to draw a Zebra for kids

Today were are going to learn how to draw and color a Zebra. A Zebra is a wild animal that has a white fur with black stripes. This is a fun and easy, step by step tutorial for kids to learn how to draw and color. Kids will also learn facts about Zebras at the end of the drawing tutorial.

To make it easier, you can print our guide for use during the drawing process.

How to draw a Zebra for kids


1. Pencil or marker

2. Paper

3. Colouring supplies

Let’s get drawing!

Let’s draw the Zebra’s head.

Step 1: First draw a curve to outline the head and neck. Draw a shoe-like head and mouth as shown below.

Step 2: Draw the ears on both sides of the head and neck line. In the ears, draw leaf-like inner part of the ears, mimicking the upper ears.

How to draw a Zebra for kids

Step 3: Draw two circles with black inner circles colored black as eyes, inside the head.

How to draw a Zebra for kids

Step 4: Draw a curve to separate the rest of the head from the mouth and nostrils area. Draw the lower jaw area and complete the neck lower line.

Step 5: Draw the flared nostrils above the mouth area. Draw an open mouth on the mouth area with a tongue inside the mouth.

Step 6: Draw the wavy striped mane along the head and neckline. Draw zebra lines from the head and neckline to slightly above the eyes, on the cheek area, and on the neck.

Let’s draw the Zebra’s body and legs.

Step 7: Draw a curve from the left and right sides of the neck area as the body of the zebra, leaving out spaces on the lower body side for the legs.

Step 8: Draw the two front legs and two back legs of the zebra with hoofs.

How to draw a Zebra for kids

Step 9: Draw the tail behind the back leg with a tufted end.

How to draw a Zebra for kids

Step 10: Draw thick Zebra lines on the back, legs and tail of the Zebra.

How to draw a Zebra for kids

Let’s color the Zebra 

Step 11: Use black color to paint all the zebra lines, the tufted part of the tail, the mouth and nostrils area, and the hoofs.

How to draw a Zebra for kids

Step 14: Use pink color to paint the tongue and the inner part of the ears.

Step 15: Use light grey color to paint along the outline of the head and neck, the jaw line, back side of the legs, the lower part of the body and the inner part of the tail.

How to draw a Zebra for kids

Finally, we have a Zebra drawing!

Facts about Zebras.

1) Zebra stripes are unique like fingerprints.

2) Zebra stripes help to camouflage them.

3) Zebras can run up to 65km per hour.

4) Newborn foals can stand after 6 minutes.

5) Zebras are classified as endangered.

Have you ever seen a real zebra? If yes, describe how it looked to your family and friends.

As they say, practice makes perfect, so keep practicing to perfect your drawing.
Remember to share your sketch with your family and friends.

How to draw a Zebra for kids

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