How Has Technology Changed In The Last 5 Years

The history of technology is the story of how people have used tools to make their lives better. The way we communicate, create, and learn has been changed by advances in technology. 

There are many different types of technologies that were created during this time period; however, there are a few key ones that stand out. 

These include digital cameras, computers, and computer networks such as the Internet. 

a). Digital cameras 

Digital cameras were created during this time period so we could easily take pictures without having to develop film or send it off to be developed elsewhere 

b). Computers

Computers made huge changes in all aspects of life including communication with others around the world via email and social media networks like Facebook 

c). Computer networks

Computers and computer networks such as the Internet made it possible to start a business from home without having to leaveĀ 

The pace of change can be fast due to some advances in computers, telecommunications equipment like smartphones which allow for our constant attention being on them rather than what’s going around us at any given moment. 

This has also led people to work more hours because they are always connected online 

One consequence is how much work we have to do as there is now an expectation that you will respond instantly when someone contacts you via social media or email, leading many people to feel overworked and overwhelmed by all of their tasks both personal and professional

Technology changes constantly, providing benefits but with consequences (such as increased pressure) that are not always positive.

Huge changes in all aspects of our lives came about because these inventions were made possible – from communication with others around the world to starting your own business without having to leave home!

Technology is constantly evolving and changing, and the pace of change can be fast. 

There are many benefits that technology brings us; however, there are also consequences to these changes. 

One consequence has been how much more work people have to do as a result of some advances in computers and telecommunications equipment such as smartphones which allow for our constant attention being on them rather than what’s going around us at the moment.

Areas to watch in the coming future

As far as the dynamicity we are witnessing today in the tech world, you should keep an eye on the following areas;

– Technological advances may make it possible for a person to live forever (although not without consequences)

– The issue with technology is not just about the quality of life for people, but also what happens to those who are left behind or don’t have access to it

The future of education may be affected by technology, as most people are now learning from online sources and not requiring teachers or classrooms. This is an issue with the quality of education that will result in less diversity across students.

– New technologies like artificial intelligence may be able to replace many workers, including teachers and the professions that require a human touch. This is an issue with employment in these sectors as they will eventually disappear 

The future of transportation can also be impacted by new technology such as driverless cars which take away jobs from taxi drivers or truck drivers for example who are no longer required or needed at all. This is an issue with this sector because so many people depended on it before and without their income, become unable to support themselves

In conclusion

Technology has changed over time in various different ways – some changes have been more positive than others. As advancements continue into the next five years, we’ll need to keep our eye out for how these advances impact us

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