CribMD: Story, Founders, Investors & Funding Rounds

Launched in June 2020, CribMD connects users with doctors for house calls and telemedicine services via its on-demand platform, allowing them to schedule appointments from the comfort and safety of their homes, on their schedule.

CribMD is a digital Doctor on Demand platform whose goal is to provide medical care at a very affordable rate for the rich and the poor alike. Their platform makes it possible for anyone anywhere to access medical care at any time without a barrier of distance. You can either request a home visit from a doctor or consult a Doctor through our online HD video-calling services.

The CribMD experience brings preventive, primary, and urgent care to a patient’s doorstep. We empower our medical teams to develop deep patient relationships through unhurried visits, comprehensive care, and immersion in the patient’s home environment.

Before CribMD, people in Nigeria queued up at clinics and hospitals, waiting all day to get care, and in most cases, they were not served the same day due to hospital or clinic capacity issues. Before CribMD, they ran five clinics under WeCare in Delta State Nigeria and were overwhelmed every day by demand.

The clinics simply cannot serve that many people and they could never build enough clinics to keep up with demand. That’s why they started CribMD because with CribMD, every home is a clinic and they don’t have to build it themselves. 

Just like Airbnb – every home is a hotel and they didn’t have to build it themselves. With tech, CribMD can now serve people in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

CribMD makes money through subscriptions, with clients paying a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee and it already has 2,800 subscribers, and another 50,000 on its waitlist. It also has over 5,000 doctors on its platform and has monthly recurring revenues of US$75,000.

How it Works


CribMD makes it possible for a patient to choose from a list of doctors registered with CribMD and then choose whether to request a house visit or a video call with the doctor.

Patients make payments for services on a subscription basis; the patients pay a fixed amount of money in a month and they are covered for every doctor visit for the month.

Doctors on the other hand get paid for the number of patients they attend to.


Telemedicine is essentially an innovative, online approach to helping individuals manage their well-being both proactively and preventatively. 

Not only do telemedicine service providers help drive the cost of maintaining a healthy workforce down, but they also offer a faster, more convenient patient experience that keeps employees happier, fitter, and performing at their best. 

Telemedicine makes it easier for you to get the care you need from the comfort of your own home or office. You can also have nearly anything including prescriptions.

CribMD Health Plan

CribMD has various healthcare coverage options and benefits for both individuals and corporate organizations. 

You can choose between the Basic, Premium, or Family Plan as an Individual subscriber or between the Classic and Executive Plan as a Corporate subscriber. 

All plans are focused on delivering a remarkable healthcare experience.

Registering as a Doctor

After being approved as a doctor, you will join the elite team of doctors at CribmD.

You will be attending to their numerous patients from the comfort of your home or via doctor home visits and getting paid for it. Also, you are qualified to be part of their referral program.

Privacy and Security

CribMD uses the latest and most secure cloud-based data management system to protect all patients’ privacy. 

They are also HIPPA compliant and they make sure that all their user’s data is secure and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Additionally, CribMD is available 24/7 throughout the year and occasionally, your preferred doctor may be on holiday and temporarily unavailable. 

In that case, you can choose any of the available doctors on their platform for your consultation.

Pricing & Plans

Each of the CribMD plans is available to suit different budgets.

As an individual, you could get a Basic plan for as low as 3,000 nairas, a Premium plan for 5,000 naira, and a Family plan for as low as 19,000 nairas monthly. 

However, as a corporate organization, their plans are 5,000naira and 19,000naira monthly for classic and executive plans respectively.


Ifeanyi Ossai

ifeanyi ossai

Ifeanyi Ossai is the Founder and CEO of CribMD and chairman of WeCare A global operations leader with multi-site and P&L experience. 

He has a strong track record of success in aligning enterprise functions toward meeting goals, exceeding financial commitments, and establishing customer enthusiasm and relationships.

As an international business leader and innovator who cultivates relationships with key partners to speed products to market, Ossai has championed supply chain operations and distribution, business diversification and growth strategies focused on additive manufacturing across the telecom, aerospace, and defense, and medical electronic equipment industries.

He also attended Harvard Business School.

Michael Uchechukwu Ngiri

Michael Uchechukwu Ngiri

Mike Ngiri is the Co-founder and CTO at CribMD.

He is also a devoted Technology expert who over the years has channeled his energy into developing working systems to help businesses, organizations, and corporations manage their infrastructure and in some cases develop a new and more efficient infrastructure to make for the smooth running of their organizations.

Additionally, his goal is to enhance the adoption of new technologies in Africa and beyond.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Sputnik ATX and The Guardian Nigerian

CribMD has raised a US$2.6 million seed round as it looks to expand upon its initial traction.

The startup raised a US$250,000 pre-seed round in 2020 and has now added to that with a US$2.6 million seed funding round which it will use to build its team and further expand its network of partners to scale more quickly. The funding comes from US accelerator Sputnik ATX and The Guardian Nigerian.

Additionally, CribMD hopes to scale its operations via the investment.

Main Competitors

HomeDoctor: It provides online medical consultations and delivery of healthcare services to patients’ homes.

Healthlane: This offers an application that helps people easily get quality and affordable healthcare services.

CareZone: It makes it easy to manage multiple medications, organize health information, and access health services from your smartphone.


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