ArabyAds: Story, Founders, Investors & Funding Rounds

ArabyAds is an advertising and marketing research firm that offers a full range of services. The company offers options for lead generation, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing.

ArabyAds has everything you need when it comes to internet marketing, creative services, advertising, and more.

The company also makes advertising technology and helps promote online stores.

It offers a variety of digital advertising platforms that can be used at different points in the customer lifecycle, from the first contact to building long-term loyalty and making money off of the customer.

ArabyAds was founded in 2013 to promote the growth of e-commerce in the Middle East.

The time was perfect because e-commerce was just starting up in the area and there were only a few small local companies there, but none of the big international players.

The founders of the company started it because they wanted to be the best in their field and they could see where it was going.

ArabyAds was built on the idea that the customer’s success should come first. The company was built from the ground up to give advertisers the data, accuracy, and transparency they need to reach the right people.

How it Works

According to information from G2 Stack, ArabyAds uses 37 different pieces of software.

According to BuiltWith, ArabyAds is currently using 67 different technologies on its website. Some examples of this are Viewport Meta, iPhone/Mobile Compatibility, and Scalable Presentation Format.

With the help of the company’s services, like lead generation, sales promotion, customer acquisition, market testing, internet marketing, product display, and more, merchants can boost their Return – on – investment, sales, and brand recognition.


Mahmoud Fathy

Mahmoud Fathy is the CEO and co-founder of ArabyAds. 

He is also a physics graduate who is more interested in coming up with new ways to do digital marketing than in taking advantage of opportunities that already exist.

He was one of the first people in the area to support performance advertising, and he now talks a lot about how important data and technology are in the advertising business.

Fathy’s goal is to find long-term solutions that could affect how well digital advertising works.

Mohammad Khartabil

As the company’s chief business development officer and co-founder, he has helped the company grow quickly.

Mohammad has worked in business development for several digital marketing and advertising firms for more than 15 years to help MENA learn more about the performance marketing industry.

He is mostly in charge of sales, product management, operations, and profit and loss, among other things.

Mohammad also helped start the Arab Affiliate Summit, which is the first event in the MENA region that is held every year and is all about performance marketing.

He has a lot of experience in the Middle Eastern business world. He was a leader in the startup companies TailWind EMEA, RewardCraze, and Ikoo, where he built several successful properties.

Mohammad went to the American University of Sharjah and got a degree in computer science.

Investors & Funding Rounds

EQ2 Ventures

Equitrust’s investment arm, which gave $6.5 million to ArabyAds in its Series A round of funding, bought an unknown stake in the company.

ArabyAds has also put $1 million into the Seed Round which was it’s second deal.

ArabyAds now owns a total of four companies thanks to these two purchases.

Recently, they’ve been buying up companies, and Dmenta was the most recent one.

ArabyAds’ goal is to help its business partners increase sales while keeping marketing costs down. It does this by making it easier to predict and measure advertising returns.

Main Competitors

UberMedia: This is a popular platform for mobile advertising, location analytics, and business intelligence.

WeQ: This is a digital marketing company that uses collected data a lot to promote mobile apps and games.

RevJet: It works with all audiences, channels, formats, inventory, and devices, making it the first Ad Experience Platform that works for everyone.


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