11 Best Memes about Your Ex Guaranteed to Crack Your Rips

11 Best Memes about Your Ex Guaranteed to Crack Your Rips

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Memes about your ex are darn funny, especially if you had a bad break up. Trust me, I know how hard getting over someone is (I have had my share of pain and tears).

It is even harder when that person was the only thing holding you together. And now that it’s gone, yes, it is okay to cry. But you can’t go on forever, trust me, the sooner you get that sh*t out of your system, the better.

At some point in your life, you will make mistakes and that includes your ex. Don’t worry though, at least we can now look back and laugh.

Here are #7 memes about your ex guaranteed to crack you up.

In fact, some are so much relatable, you’d think they are after you, ha-ha?.

#7 memes about your ex

#1. Oh, buoy! You want us to be friends??

Memes about your ex

The question is, should you be friends with your ex? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below??

#2. Darn right, we are never lonely!

Memes about your ex

Beautiful girls are always in something. You lose her today, and the next day she’s gone.

#3.  C’mon, you know better than that

Memes about your ex

#4. I can’t believe i dated you, yeeew!

Memes about your ex

#5. Sorry, wrong number

Memes about your ex

#6. Yes, I wasn’t finished!

ex blocked my number

#7. When he texts, I miss you, here is what to reply

how to reply your ex

#8. When your boyfriend treats you like a queen, but…

#9. But he is still wearing all things i bought him!!

#10. Are you miserable, you son of a b#@tch

#11. You lying son a bi##@#

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