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How To Drive An Automatic Car In Kenya in 7 Easy Steps

How To Drive An Automatic Car In Kenya in 7 Easy Steps

Here is a guide showing you how to drive an automatic car in Kenya.

By now you understand there are two types of car transmission: manual and automatic.

To get the basics, transmission if the act of your vehicle using the power generated by the engine to move forward.

And to do that, it uses two elements: shaft and gears.

  • The shaft is that part responsible for taking the power from the engine to move the car
  • Gears’ work is to allow you to be in control of how fast you want the car to move.

Before I show you how to drive an automatic car in Kenya, let’s first discuss the difference between these two: manual and automatic.

What is the difference between manual and automatic cars?

It is simple actually. With your understanding of how the transmission works (see explanation above, though simple), you can easily wrap your head around these two.

Let’s discuss this in brief.

A manual car requires more work to operate especially while the car is in motion. You need to shift the gears to achieve the desired speed (hence the word ‘manual’), using the gear knop and clutch.

On the flip side, an automatic car does all that for you. It changes gears by itself (hence the word ‘automatic.)

All you have to do is press the gas pedal and watch the speed using the brake pedal that is it.

Here is a guide on how to drive a manual car.

With that said, let’s look at how to drive an automatic car in Kenya.

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How To Drive Automatic Car In Kenya (Easy to follow steps)

Step #1: Find a flat area or rather a paved location with no one walking around. Such places are perfect practicing.

Step #2: Check on the mirrors (side and rear-view) to make sure you can see the rear and on the side. The last thing you want is running over stuff on your first day. That’s scary.

Step #3: Familiarize yourself with the location of brakes (on your left), and gas or accelerator (right).

How To Drive An Automatic Car In Kenya

Step #4: Make sure the car is on parking mode and the emergency (handbrake) is on. Then, insert the key and turn to start the engine.

How To Drive An Automatic Car In Kenya

Step #5: Press the brake pedal, and then release the handbrake.

driving automatic car in kenya

Next, Step #6: While still pressing the brakes pedal, shift the stick to drive (D).

automatic car gear system showing drive
Put a gear stick into D position, (Drive) Symbol in auto transmission car.

Step #7: Slowly release the brake pedal while slowly pressing down the gas pedal. The car should now start rolling forward slowly.

Step #8: Practice stopping the car by pressing the brakes pedal. Well, at first you will do it hard and the car will jerk to a stop. But with time, you will learn how to brake smoothly.

And that folks, is how to drive an automatic car in Kenya.

Here is a video to accompany what you just read.

Watch this video: How To Drive An Automatic Car in Kenya (09 mins 36 secs)

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