4 Things You Should Never Reveal About Your Relationship (Never Ever)

4 Things You Should Never Reveal About Your Relationship (Never Ever)

You are madly in love with this human being, so much that we can’t even have space in our news feed. Silly photos of you cuddling welcome everyone.

What’s wrong with you?

Must you show off?

I don’t blame you though. Maybe it’s your first time.

Keeping secrets

In a relationship, we have only two people who love, trust, and most importantly, care about each other.

Now, when it comes to secrets about a relationship you got to treat it as your Facebook password: damn secret.

Seriously, how many peeps know your password?

I bet less than one.

You once in a while forget it. That’s funny.

You see, certain issues make sense when shared with your buddies and as well some tarnish your reputation and surely make you look exactly like your neighbor’s cat.

Don’t get me wrong here.

There should be no secrets between two people in love, but the third party should be exempted.

The same way you don’t like your partner ‘leaking’ your relationship’s secrets, so as you.

You should never share with a third party the following:

#1. Anything To Do With Money.

Broke or filthy rich, I don’t care.

The financial state of your relationship should never be heard in between your conversations with your friends.

Always keep it sealed.

Finance generally is a private matter, meaning you got no right whatsoever to talk about it since it involves two people.

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Sharing it will fuck up so many things including how people perceive your relationship.

#2. Sex-Related Issues

Anything to do with sex is a serious issue.

And for that matter, should never be treated casually.

This goes mostly to you men.

You always like bragging about how many ‘hits’ you got and so-called ’rounds.’

Shut the f** up!

This stupid behavior continues up to the point it gets ugly. Revealing things like this should never cross the mind of any sensible man.

I meant the man who respects himself and his relationship.

This is what gives a relationship its intimacy. Something enjoyed and kept by only two.

Most of the time, you find your friends curious and they even try to coerce you into divulging more about your sex life.

My friend, learn how to read these red flags and flee whenever you see them.

#3. Any Imperfection/Flaws

How would you feel when your secret finally finds its way to +1 person, or worse, your peers?

Some personal flaws are kept secret, not because we like it, but because we fear the people’s reaction to learning about it.

We fear embarrassment.

Now, you come here, learned about it, and went out to blow the damn trumpet!

What do you think will happen? They will love you, I guess.

‘Wow look, here comes the trumpet blower!!’

By revealing your partner’s flaws, you are making him/her feel less loved and appreciated. Making him less manly or less ladish (if there’s something like that).

It deeply and truly hurts. Consequently, may make things worse in your relationship.

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You realize that a certain percentage of constant fights in relationships are caused by carelessness. You care less about what’s going to happen or what your actions will make him/her feel.

#4 Things Shared With Trust And Should Be Kept Confidential

This shouldn’t be up for discussion. Every time you share a secret with your girl/boy, it should remain that, a secret.

The fact that I trusted you with it means a lot.

You find other partners who don’t even trust each other but can easily trust their friends.

If in any case, this is you, my brother/sister, you got problems.

You need prayers.

Nothing dismantles a relationship faster than not finding a best friend in your partner.

Best friends trust each other. And there are no ugly secrets between them. Most importantly, they forgive easily.

That’s a true definition of a mature relationship.

Parting shot

These and more, are simple variables that if you keep and adhered to, you’ll be cultivating a long-lasting love.

Love is a commitment. Once you are in a relationship, give your all.

Because as they say, you may later realize that you lost a diamond while you were busy collecting stones.

Stones are hard, uncomfortable, and ugly; I don’t need to remind you that.

Be responsible. Be a real man or real woman.

If you have any questions, additions let’s meet in the comments below or drop me a message here.

Your bro, peace. I’m out


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